mint deluxe
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Hello! I'm Mint!

I'm making this personal website because I'm tired of social media. I want to see if it's possible to get back to the slow Internet that I remember from my childhood.

I'm slowly building this website whenever I have time and am learning how to code in the process!

My plans for the future include an art gallery and a diary... and more fun stuff! We'll see what I come up with!

Please note that this website probably won't look good on phones and tablets! My goal is to make a clunky site akin to the ones I used to visit as a child.


13/4 2021

added the little snail gif above

changed the background image on the right sidebar

added a background image to the art and diary pages

added some dorohedoro fanart to the art page

decided that iframes are too modern and scary for me and so i will not use them

tried to change the scrollbar colours before realizing that mozilla does not support doing that

made a little graphic to put on newly updated pages (i can't get it to show up the way i want on the sidebar though. that's fine)

11/4 2021

added a righthand sidebar with some information about this site and why i'm making it

added an art page which currently has no art on it

wrote some actual info about me on the about page

fixed link colours and hunted broken links

stared down the barrel of the iframe gun

31/3 2021

added a diary page, which is still a work in progress

27/3 2021

played around with colours and sidebar navigation

added background image to sidebar